International SpaceOps Service Award (SAA)

Award Criteria

(a) This award is to recognize the contribution of members of the SpaceOps Organization after supporting at least two SpaceOps Conferences and upon their departure from the organization, or to individuals who have provided great service to the organization.

Award Description and Rewards

(a) A plaque (signed by the ExCom Chair and Awards Group Chair) shall be presented to the recipient.

(b) The recipient shall be recognized in the SpaceOps Newsletter and on the SpaceOps website. This recognition shall include the name and organization of the recipient, description of the service provided to the SpaceOps organization (e.g., ExCom or CAL, participation in subcommittees, editorial boards, Technical Activity Committees, etc.), and years of service. The recipients for the last cycle shall also be announced during the Awards Ceremony of the next conference.

Specific Rules and Regulations

(a) There is no restriction to the number of Appreciation Awards made each year.

(b) There are two (2) types of SAAs with separate qualifications.

(1) SSA Type 1: The nominee shall have actively participated in the ExCom or CAL for a period of at least four years (contiguity not required) and contributed to at least two SpaceOps conferences.

(2) SSA Type 2: The nominee shall have performed great service to the SpaceOps Organization. There are no pre-defined criteria for SAA Type II; it is instead up to the Awards Group and Executive Committee to determine if the nominee is worthy of the award. Examples include having served Technical Program Chair, or as a book editor.

(c) The relationship between the SAA and DSM shall be as follows:

(1) If a person has received the SAA Type I, then they are still eligible to receive the DSM and vice versa.

(2) If a person has already received the DSM, then they are not eligible for the SAA Type II for the same or similar service.

Specific Process

(a) Any member of the SpaceOps ExCom, CAL, or Awards Group may nominate a person for this award for special service provided to SpaceOps Organization. The nomination shall be provided to the Chair of the Awards Group along with written justification for the award, via email to [email protected].

Download  International SpaceOps Service Award (SAA)​ Nomination Form 

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