Nomination Procedure

Nomination procedure

  • Complete a nomination package of documents as follows:
    1. Download the team award nomination form (AOA only) or individual award nomination from the Awards page on the SpaceOps website.
    2. Fill out the appropriate form, including selecting the type of award for an individual, all required information about the nominee (team or individual), a citation that describes the specific documented contributions of the nominee (team or individual), names of endorsees, and required information about the nominator.
    3. Provide a one-to-two-page summary of the accomplishments and/or activities that serve as the basis for the nomination.
    4. Include at least three letters of endorsement (except for the ECA, requiring only two letters of endorsement). Only one endorser may be from the same local organization (up to center level) as the nominee.
  • Each nomination package (email with nomination documentation and endorsement letters as attachments) must be submitted to the SpaceOps Secretariat as indicated in the nomination forms.
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