93DESIGN OF REUSABLE ROCKET ENGINEOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D16:30-17:00STO-2Saqer AlrusheidiSaqer Alrusheidi
96THE INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ARCHITECTURE IN THE LUNAR ORBITPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :1612:30-13:30CAN-96Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
100Evaluation of GFRP Composite Material in CubeSats StructuresOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B16:30-17:00MDM-2Yaqoob Alqassab Yaqoob Alqassab
101AN ONBOARD AI-BASED SPACE DEBRIS DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION SYSTEMOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:00-14:30SSU-4Yaqoob Alqassab Reem Abdulla Senan
103Practical Access Control and Traceability in Control Centre WorkstationsOMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B16:30-17:00HFT-2Julio ViveroJulio Vivero
106THE APPLICABILITY OF IA IN SPACE OPERATIONS : THE DATA MODEL APPLICABLEPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :612:30-13:30AI-106Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
110THE BACK UP PAYLOAD TO THE MOON MISSIONS : THE DESIGN AND THE REQUIREMENTS OF RAMS ARCHITECTUREPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :412:30-13:30OC-110Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
112THE DESIGN OF THE SAFETY OPERATING CENTER TO MANAGE CYBERSECURITY OF THE SPACE MISSIONSPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :1912:30-13:30OC-112Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
114THE USING OF INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION FOR THE DEEP SPACEPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :1612:30-13:30HSO-114Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
118THE ANOMALIES DETECTION BY BOTNETS IN THE OPERATIONAL PROCESS OF SPACE DATAPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :412:30-13:30AI-118Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
123THE COGNITIVE OPERATIONS IN SPACE : MANAGE THE BRAINS IN THE NEW DATA CONTEXTPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :112:30-13:30CSO-123Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
125THE SPACE CYBERSECURITY FRAMEWORK : THE OPS SAT SPACE RED TEAM APPROACHPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :212:30-13:30GSE-125Djamel MetmatiDjamel Metmati
128Artificial Intelligence Enhancements to Imagery for Space OperationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F17:30-18:00AI-8Rodney Grubbs (NASA/MSFC)Rodney Grubbs (NASA/MSFC)
129Navigation Systems Analysis: Low Cost Design and Implementation of a Security Event Logging Framework.OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D10:30-11:00GSE-9Robert BeswickRobert Beswick
130Enabling Voyager 2 Science Data Return During Heliopause Transition with a Low-cost Portable SDR SystemOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D16:00-16:30GSE-2Timothy PhamTimothy Pham
135Optimization of low-thrust flights between periodic orbits around libration points in the Earth-Moon systemOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D16:30-17:00GNC-5Olga L. StarinovaOlga L. Starinova
136Investigations on Lunar Operations Concepts for Human SpaceflightOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F16:00-16:30HSO-3German ZoeschingerGerman Zoeschinger
137NASA Deep Space Communications: Future Mission Trends and Their ImplicationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A14:00-14:30CAN-7Douglas AbrahamDouglas Abraham
139Antenna Beam-Sharing: Progress Toward Simultaneous Multiple Uplinks Per AntennaOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A16:00-16:30CAN-5Douglas AbrahamDouglas Abraham
146Space Radiation characterization for a safe Human Space Exploration and ColonizationOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F16:30-17:00HSO-3Alessandro BartoloniAlessandro Bartoloni
147On Track to Touch the Sun: Parker Solar Probe Flight Path Control Experience through Venus-5OWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D13:30-14:00GNC-1Mar Vaquero (NASA/JPL)Mar Vaquero (NASA/JPL)
150AI Deep Learning Radar Target Detection & Classification Model for Real Time Space DebrisOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:30-15:00SSU-4Muneera Jasim AlmalkiMuneera Jasim Almalki
151Towards INtelligent automated Functional and Security Testing (INFAST)OMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F17:00-17:30AI-2Julio ViveroDaniel Lopez
152HORA, a Moon habitat mission OMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B15:00-15:30MDM-1Alexandra Titel Alexandra Titel
154Network Configuration for Multi-Satellite Operations in a Network Isolation Environment for Enhanced SecurityPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1512:30-13:30CAN-154Hyun Chul BaekHyun Chul Baek
156Current status of KARI measurement activities on SSAPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :712:30-13:30SSU-156Saehan SongSaehan Song
158Improving Orbit Prediction Accuracy with a Realistic Thrust Model for KARI LEO Satellite Flight Dynamics OperationPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :1712:30-13:30GNC-158Youeyun JungYoueyun Jung
159The Technology Described in the Orange Book CCSDS 551.1-O-2 Correlated Data Generation and Prospects for Its Further DevelopmentOFriday, 10th March 2023Sharjah D14:30-15:00CSIS-2Valery VorontsovValery Vorontsov
160An Artificial Intelligence Framework for Space Operations Data and Model ManagementOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F16:30-17:00AI-5Rohaan AhmedRohaan Ahmed
161Comparison of spacecraft vision-based navigation methods and proposal of a novel shadow-correction blockOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D14:00-14:30GNC-1Aurelia BOURGEAUXAurelia BOURGEAUX
164GSMC-CC, a Ground Station Monitoring & Control System based on the European Ground System Common CoreOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D17:30-18:00GSE-2Alessio Di FazioAlessio Di Fazio
165How does the CNES Multi-mission network adapt to the needs of New Space?OMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D16:30-17:00GSE-2Jerome LavernheJerome Lavernhe
167Leveraging the power of the RF utilizing Optical CommunicationPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1612:30-13:30CAN-167Hitoshi KuniiHirokazu Mori
169Compact Distributions With Self-ensembled Scoring for Satellite Anomaly DetectionOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F14:30-15:00AI-4Guohang GUOGuohang GUO
170Telemetry Data Management System for Kuwait’s First CubeSat: QMR-KWT PTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1112:30-13:30DM-170Nourah AlfialyNourah Alfialy
171Terrenesat-1OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B11:00-11:30MDM-3Aysha Saif AlkaabiAysha Saif Alkaabi
172Application of Sandbox simulations to promote salutogenic experiences on long-term flights and operationsPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :612:30-13:30HSO-172Peter Anto JohnsonPeter Anto Johnson
173Digital Transformation of a Spaceport: Kourou Space Center exampleOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai D13:30-14:00STO-4Alain BARDOUXAlain BARDOUX
175Automated Ground segment for EO constellation: re-imagining spacecraft operations to meet strategic and commercial challenges.OMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C16:00-16:30OC-2Baptiste SchandelerBaptiste Schandeler
176New Challenges in International Space Law: Artificial Intelligence and LiabilityOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B17:00-17:30MDM-8Thomas GrahamThomas Graham
180MTG GROUND SEGMENT AND TECHNICAL CHALLENGES TO INTEGRATE IT.OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D10:30-11:00GSE-3Nana BachNana Bach
181Jamming Assessment and Identification (JASI) service ramp-upOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B16:00-16:30SSU-5Matthieu ThierryMatthieu Thierry
182Concepts and Implementation of Generic Services and HMI ElementsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D16:00-16:30GSE-8Francesco CroceFrancesco Croce
183Docking Video Transfer by On-Orbit Wireless LAN Communication and Application to the Docking Demonstration Mission on HTV-XOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B13:30-14:00MDM-1Yuri HachiyaYuri Hachiya
184Design and Development of a CubeSat-scale Robotic Arm Test Bed to be Deployed to the International Space StationOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B10:30-11:00MDM-9Jin KangJin Kang
187Evolution of Hardware and Philosophy of Emergency Response Actions on the International Space Station and Future SpacecraftsOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F13:30-14:00HSO-2Barry TobiasBarry Tobias
192Enhancing Lunar Operation Architecture Through Increasing Efficiency of Wireless Power DeliveryOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C17:30-18:00OC-2Jin KangJin Kang
193SAR/Galileo Return Link Service (RLS) Monitoring: An automated 24/7 global coverage systemOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D11:00-11:30GSE-9Dufour MathildeDufour Mathilde
194Development of an AI assistant for supervising the future Moon and Mars surface operations.OWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C10:30-11:00OC-6Gregory NavarroGregory Navarro
195Development of Space Mission Integrated Operations ScenariosOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C16:00-16:30OC-5Jackelynne Silva-MartinezJackelynne Silva-Martinez
197Payload health monitoring and management platform for space scientific satellite operationOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F11:00-11:30AI-6Tian CaixiaTian Caixia
199Implementing the CCSDS Service Management Interface at GSOC – Challenges, Obstacles and ConsiderationsOFriday, 10th March 2023Sharjah D13:30-14:00CSIS-2Marcin Gnat (DLR)Marcin Gnat (DLR)
200Return of Deep Space in Weilheim Ground StationOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A17:30-18:00CAN-5Marcin Gnat (DLR)Marcin Gnat (DLR)
201A new approach to inter-agency station scheduling at GSOCOFriday, 10th March 2023Sharjah D15:00-15:30CSIS-2Edoardo BarbieriEdoardo Barbieri
202EnMAP MPS: Challenges, Enhancements and Evaluations of the Early Mission PhaseOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A14:00-14:30PS-1Christoph LenzenChristoph Lenzen
203The importance of high-fidelity simulator for Galileo Constellation - IRES Model improvementOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B14:00-14:30MDM-4Ylenia Di CrescenzioYlenia Di Crescenzio
204Openvocs, a light-weight Voice Communication System for Space Mission ControlOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D11:30-12:00GSE-9Falk SchiffnerFalk Schiffner
205Role-based Multi-Chat System for Space Mission ControlOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D12:00-12:30GSE-9Falk SchiffnerFalk Schiffner
208The EDRS mission and its operational experiences to date from GSOC perspectiveOFriday, 10th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum C14:30-15:00FE-7Gregor RossmanithGregor Rossmanith
210Space Rider - The operational concept for the first and ambitious European affordable reusable space transportation systemOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D13:30-14:00STO-1Daniela Borla TridonCesare Capararo (altecspace)
212Cybersecurity Analysis Challenges of Legacy Ground Data SystemPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :812:30-13:30GSE-212Adans KoAdans Ko
214The importance of the Lifetime analysis for Constellation Management OWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C15:00-15:30OC-7Ylenia Di CrescenzioYlenia Di Crescenzio
215The user-driven innovation from ideation to inceptionOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B10:30-11:00HFT-3Artur M. PalowskiMichelle Baker
217Launch and Early Operation of Korea Pathfinder Lunar OrbiterOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D17:00-17:30FE-5Moon-Jin JeonMoon-Jin Jeon
218From the first to the next Sentinels generation: FOS evolutions within a fully operational ground segmentOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B14:30-15:00MDM-1Eduardo ZornozaDaniel Mesples
219STELLAR PROJECT: THE GALILEO EMERGENCY WARNING SERVICE (EWS) DEMONSTRATOROThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D10:30-11:00GNC-3Sylvain DelattreSoufian Ayachi
220Online Learning for Spacecraft Memory Dump OptimizationOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F17:00-17:30AI-8Jonathan PergoliJonathan Pergoli
221A Real-Time Re-Scheduling Algorithm for Spacecraft Instrument Operations OptimizationOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A11:00-11:30PS-3Jonathan PergoliJonathan Pergoli
222SMOS “Long ECM”: a successful CNES–ESA joint operations preppingOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D10:30-11:00FE-3LEGERSaid Haouchine
223Fixed covariance estimation in GPS-based operational orbit determination: a realistic input for collision probability monitoringOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B13:30-14:00SSU-4petr kuchynkapetr kuchynka
224Towards a worldwide monitoring system against GNSS Spoofing and Jamming based on LEO constellations and ML/AIOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F17:30-18:00AI-2Francisco GallardoFrancisco Gallardo
225Short-Term Wind Forecast for Space Rider Mission at the Kourou Landing SitePFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :312:30-13:30STO-225Marianna BiscariniCinzia Cossu
226Adaptive LQR Control of Space-Based Solar Power Systems using Satellites Formation FlyingOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D17:00-17:30GNC-5Thais Cardoso FrancoThais Cardoso Franco
228Galileo GCS: Monitoring Services with Middleware ApplicationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D16:30-17:00GSE-5Victor PozoGuillermo Ramos
229CNES Ground Station Networks for ScienceOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A16:30-17:00CAN-8Laurent JolivetLaurent Jolivet
230Venera-D multipurpose mission designOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B16:00-16:30MDM-2Vladislav ZubkoVladislav Zubko
231Galileo RETURN LINK SERVICE EvolutionsOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D11:30-12:00GNC-3Maxime FontanierMaxime Fontanier
233Lessons Learned from Automating Heterogeneous Spacecraft SystemsOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C14:00-14:30OC-1Lucas BremondBrunston Poon
235A New Data Archiving and Service System Specialized for South Korea Satellite Data PolicyOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai A + B11:30-12:00DM-2MYUNGJUN LEEMYUNGJUN LEE
236Opportunities for transfer of knowledge in space biology and medicineOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai E + F10:30-11:00HSO-4Anna KussmaulAnna Kussmaul
237A mission-agnostic on-board autonomy software solution to streamline spacecraft operations.OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F12:00-12:30AI-3Paolo MadoniaPaolo Madonia
238Report on the recovery of the chemcam instrument onboard the curiosity rover after an high voltage anomaly OTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D12:00-12:30FE-3Valerie MoussetValerie Mousset
239Driving efficiencies in the maintenance of spacecraft operational simulatorsPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :712:30-13:30GSE-239Diogo Andre Pires VicenteDiogo Andre Pires Vicente
246Proactive-reactive on-board planning for complete goal-oriented automationOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A11:30-12:00PS-3Riccardo MadernaRiccardo Maderna
262Pushing the limits of Gaia ground segment automation: lessons learnt from a lights-out scenarioOMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D16:30-17:00FE-2Marco Casanova ÁlvarezMarco Casanova Álvarez
263Adapting ground station networks for automatic M2M operations OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D17:00-17:30GSE-5Arne NylundTorkil Rein Gustavsen
264Coordinating operations across a public-sector space agency and a space startup in EUMETSATs commercial radio occultation pilot data servicePWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :1812:30-13:30OC-264Daniel Lee
267PyCon2 Managing virtualized control rooms safe and efficientOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F10:30-11:00HSO-1Ilja VerspohlIlja Verspohl
270EOMPA A service-based prototype using Artificial Intelligence in support of Multi-Mission Planning and Analysis for Earth Observation ConstellationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F15:00-15:30AI-4Rachel JenkinsRachel Jenkins
271Return Link Service Test Bed: a demonstrator platform for new future SAR Galileo ServicesOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D16:30-17:00GSE-8Cristobal Cuevas GarciaCristobal Cuevas Garcia
272Radio science at low SNR - Radio occultation observations at Mars with the MAVEN low-gain antenna OTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A13:30-14:00CAN-4Paul WithersKamal Oudrhiri
273Adjustments of Insight SEIS and APSS operations in an energy-limited contextOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D10:30-11:00FE-6Jaillant BenjaminEmilien Gaudin
274Spacecraft On-board Anomaly Detection: computational constrained Machine Learning approachesOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F11:30-12:00AI-3Salvatore CognettaSalvatore Cognetta
277Enabling Ai Applications for Space Operations through a Multi-Missions Devops PlatformOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F10:30-11:00AI-6Pablo BeltramiPablo Beltrami
278A concept to convert Operational Simulators to a Digital Twin by using AI techniquesOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F15:00-15:30AI-7Pouya HaschemiPouya Haschemi
279Mono band Ka Antenna Design for Space ApplicationsPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :2012:30-13:30CAN-279BELGACEM Wahiba BELGACEM Wahiba
289"Future approach for GEO Ground Stations Monitoring and Control (M&C) in the Mission Control Room (MCR) – the EUMETSAT Perspective"OMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B13:30-14:00HFT-1MARIA VIRGINIA CINQUEMARIA VIRGINIA CINQUE
290MOA - The Knowledge Management System of Real-Time Flight OperationsOMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B15:00-15:30HFT-1Isaac PassmoreIsaac Passmore
291SatDevOps: A Novel Automated Satellite Operations MethodologyOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C13:30-14:00OC-1Brunston PoonBrunston Poon
292Multi-Mission Spacecraft Operations by a single operator with minimal impact on Science returnOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C17:00-17:30OC-2Mithrajith EdirimanneMithrajith Edirimanne
293Planning Multi-Year Solar Powered Missions on Mars : The Challenge of DustOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B15:00-15:30MDM-4Ralph LorenzRalph Lorenz
295NASA's Cold Atom Lab Four Years of Quantum Science Operations in SpaceOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F11:30-12:00HSO-1Kamal OudrhiriKamal Oudrhiri
296A gateway to all space mobility solutions: Launch.ctrl software by Precious PayloadOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C10:30-11:00CSO-1Thu VuAndrew Maximov
299The evolution of future Mars communications architectureOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A13:30-14:00CAN-7Marco LanucaraMarco Lanucara
300Extended opportunities of a mission to SednaOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B11:30-12:00MDM-9Vladislav ZubkoVladislav Zubko
301The Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS): Planning and commanding high resolution imaging at MarsOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A17:00-17:30PS-2Miguel AlmeidaMiguel Almeida
302Intelligent Multi-Agent based Automated Negotiation of Mission Scheduling for Satellite ConstellationOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A14:00-14:30PS-4Insik JungInsik Jung
303Development of an actionable AI roadmap for automating mission operationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F14:30-15:00AI-7Gabriele De CanioGabriele De Canio
304Domino-X Multi-mission and Federation ServicesOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B13:30-14:00MDM-7Daniel NovakDaniel Novak
305OCAI: the Operations CompAnIon to support decision making of flight control teams OMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F16:00-16:30AI-2Gabriele De CanioGabriele De Canio
306SESAM: An Experiment for AI-Based On-Board Satellite MonitoringOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F11:00-11:30AI-3Mathias ZaroubianMathias Zaroubian
307ESTIM: the ESTrack Investigation and Monitoring tool for analysis of ground station passesOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F13:30-14:00AI-1Gabriele De CanioGabriele De Canio
308AUTOMATION OF THE SENTINEL-5P ROUTINE PASS ACTIVITIESOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C11:00-11:30OC-9Daniel MesplesDaniel Mesples
312The Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS): Science data handling and archivingOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B16:30-17:00DM-1Matthew ReadMatthew Read
314How MBSE can help AIV domain. A practical approachOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai A + B14:30-15:00DM-3Nieves Salor MoralNieves Salor Moral
316IASI INSTRUMENT: END OF LIFE AND TECHNOLOGY TESTSOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D12:00-12:30FE-6eleonora bassieleonora bassi
317Flight Dynamics Experience on Galileo Station Acquisition OperationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D14:30-15:00GNC-1Frederic SchoutetensFrederic Schoutetens
318ESA’s Kiruna Station Monitoring & Control System evolution – An innovative approach for the replacement of the ground station’s “brain”OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D14:00-14:30GSE-4José Manuel Puerta PeñaJosé Manuel Puerta Peña
319Operational results of the machine learning-based battery strategy management in the TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X Mission Planning SystemOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F16:30-17:00AI-8Fotios StathopoulosFotios Stathopoulos
320Space debris streak classification: a transparent deep learning approach to reduce false positive detectionsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F13:30-14:00AI-4Evridiki NtagiouEvridiki Ntagiou
321Distributed CFDP Ground Infrastructure Implementation for High Data Rate DownlinkOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D11:30-12:00GSE-6Felix FlentgeHolger Dreihahn
322Applying Continuous Integration for Operational Products in the Mission Preparation EnvironmentOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai A + B10:30-11:00DM-2Annabell LangsAnnabell Langs
323ArgoMoon and LICIACube: Italian first missions operated in Deep SpaceOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B13:30-14:00MDM-10Simone PirrottaSimone Pirrotta
326High Performance Long-Term Telemetry Analysis System for KARI LEO Satellite Using Spark PlatformPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :1612:30-13:30DM-326Myeong Shin LeeMyeong Shin Lee
327Functional Resources – Model Driven Standardization for Monitoring and ControlOFriday, 10th March 2023Sharjah D11:30-12:00CSIS-1Holger DreihahnHolger Dreihahn
328Improving satellites constellations monitoring and diagnostics with CASTeCOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C13:30-14:00CSO-2Chiara BrighentiMattia Ricatto
330InSight: the exploitation operations of the Martian Seismometer from the SISMOC Operations CenterOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D13:30-14:00GSE-1Philippe CombesPhilippe Combes
331Utilizing Machine Learning methods for classifying Telemetry of Human Spaceflight SystemsOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F14:00-14:30AI-1Carsten HartmannCarsten Hartmann
332EnMAP vs. COVID-19: How to prepare for and conduct a LEOP during a pandemicOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D11:00-11:30FE-6Katrin WirthKatrin Wirth
334Evaluating the new CCSDS Mission Planning and Scheduling standard: How TGO and EnMAP could have benefitted from an interoperability standard for the exchange of mission planning and scheduling informationOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A14:30-15:00PS-1Peter Van Der PlasPeter Van Der Plas
335ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter: Evolution of the science operations concept during the nominal and extended mission phasesOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A13:30-14:00PS-1David FrewDavid Frew
336An innovative AI-based framework for on-ground anomaly detection and root cause analysisOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F14:00-14:30AI-7Luca MancaLuca Manca
338Compressed Bundle Reporting for Reliable Bundle Transmission in Disruption Tolerant NetworkingOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A10:30-11:00CAN-6Aida - Stefania ManoleFelix Flentge
339Lunar Pathfinder – Commercial data relay satellite enabling the next generation of lunar missionsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A15:00-15:30CAN-4Matthew Christie Ashvi Ilott
341Lessons learnt from conducting a successful decommissioning of Metop-AOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D11:30-12:00FE-6Stefania TarquiniStefania Tarquini
342Crew Training and Concept of Operations Testing for Future Lunar Mission at the ESA-DLR LUNA FacilityOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F17:00-17:30HSO-3Andrea E. M. CasiniAndrea E. M. Casini
343Locating and Stopping Orbital DebrisPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :912:30-13:30SSU-343Paul Iustin VartolomeiPaul Iustin Vartolomei
344Dynamic Onboard Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite ConstellationsOMonday, 6th March 2023Ajman A14:30-15:00CAN-1Abdelrahman MetwallyAbdelrahman Metwally
345Moon, Mars, and Beyond: How to Enable Interplanetary CommunicationsPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1812:30-13:30CAN-345Joy FasnachtJoy Fasnacht
346Lunar Observations in Copernicus Sentinel-3: Implementing a new operation into a flying missionOFriday, 10th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum C14:00-14:30FE-7Pablo ArriazuPablo Arriazu
347Design and Implementation of a Flight Software for a Modular SatellitePTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :112:30-13:30FE-347Mohammed EshaqMohammed Eshaq
348Padoc: A framework for Software and Operational Data deployment in an isolated Ground CenterPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :812:30-13:30GSE-348François-Xavier MouyFrançois-Xavier Mouy
349Natural Language Processing for Explainable Satellite SchedulingOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F16:00-16:30AI-5Cheyenne PowellCheyenne Powell
350Spacecraft Failure Detection, Isolation and Recovery Using Artificial Intelligence: A Study for Implementation on the EdgeOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F10:30-11:00AI-3Filippo AlesAlisa Krstova
352Experience and Lessons Learned from Open Sourcing NASA AMMOS’s Mission Control SoftwareOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D13:30-14:00GSE-7Josh ChoiJosh Choi
353Analysis and Impact of the End-to-End Communication Chain on a DLR Real Time On-Orbit Servicing Mission ProjectOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D10:30-11:00GSE-6Rossella Falcone (DLR)Rossella Falcone (DLR)
354Autonomous Space Operations Planner and Scheduler (ASOPS): Optimal and Autonomous Operations in SpaceOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C14:30-15:00OC-1Francesco PorcelliArtur Kinzel
356Investigation of the mission to the L1 libration point with the use Moon flyby and solar sailsOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B17:00-17:30MDM-2Enesh MukhamedovaEnesh Mukhamedova
357Extension of the mission of a spacecraft operating at a vicinity of the Sun-Earth libration point for asteroids explorationOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B16:30-17:00MDM-5Maxim PupkovMaxim Pupkov
358Analysis of the knowledge transfer efficiency within the Galileo project training system from the trainee’s perspectiveOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:30-15:00HFT-4Mattia ReganazMattia Reganaz
359Modernizing Satellite Operations using Virtual Infrastructure & Unified Ground NetworksPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1012:30-13:30GSE-359Brian PlesnarskiBrian Plesnarski
361Accelerating Innovation in the Space Sector through Public-Private PartnershipsOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C11:00-11:30CSO-1Paul KieslingPaul Kiesling
362Evaluation of approaches for the recognition of semantically similar voice-commands based on public dataOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F17:00-17:30AI-5TobiasTobias
364Managerial issues in organizing large-scale analog projects with wide international participationPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :612:30-13:30MDM-364Anna KussmaulTatiana Agaptseva
365Integrated Mission Operation Concepts for the Dream Chaser® Cargo SystemOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C11:30-12:00OC-9Jason GabbertJason Gabbert
367Inter Satellite Data Relay System for ARTEMIS II MissionsPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1912:30-13:30CAN-367ADRIAN GUZMANADRIAN GUZMAN
368Statistical Analysis on Conjunction Events for Satellites in LEO and Recommendation for Future SSA and STMPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :812:30-13:30SSU-368Okchul JungOkchul Jung
369Operational Status of COMS: Mission Extension and TerminationPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :912:30-13:30FE-369Hye-Won KimHye-Won Kim
371Titan Robotic Mission: Mapping and Sampling of Land and LakeOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B14:00-14:30MDM-10Prathmesh BarapatrePrathmesh Barapatre
373Low-Earth-Orbiter communication satellites constellation and operation scenario over KoreaPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :612:30-13:30CAN-373Yoola HwangYoola Hwang
374OPSWEB – A comprehensive management tool for mission operationsOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D15:00-15:30GSE-1Jan PitannJan Pitann
375Korea Deep-Space Antenna Establishment and OperationPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1212:30-13:30CAN-375Durk-Jong ParkDurk-Jong Park
376CASCADE – A demonstrator for rule based coordination of conjunctionsOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B15:00-15:30SSU-4Jonas RadtkePavlina Dimitrova
377The Absence of Laws Regulating the Proliferation of Space Debris and its Implications on Space OperationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B16:00-16:30MDM-8Ibrahim Hamza AlsabtMohamed BinAshour
379The Establishment of an S-Band Ground Station for Space ResearchPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :812:30-13:30GSE-379Amel Alhammadi
380On-board Machine Learning Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Automatic Beacon Structure Customization OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C10:30-11:00OC-9Aysha AlharamAysha Alharam
381Efficient Ground Segments Protection against Advanced Persistent ThreatsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D16:00-16:30GSE-5Julio ViveroJulio Vivero
383Joined ESA-DLR Procedure Management EnvironmentOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C14:30-15:00OC-10Francois TrifinFrancois Trifin
384Space and Ground Integrated Operation Control for Space Satellite MissionsOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C13:30-14:00OC-10Meng BaiMeng Bai
385Transforming Flight Operations Segment engineering services for the European Commission Copernicus SentinelsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B14:00-14:30MDM-7Javier Hernando-BravoMarc Sans
386Flying a satellite by a robot - Automated Station Keeping Maneuvers can replace the traditional commanding by humanOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai C15:00-15:30OC-1Viktor SchwarzViktor Schwarz
387Learning Satellite Operations by Play - Gamification for Spacecraft Operations Training of Subsystems Knowledge and Control Room Proceedings on the example of EDRS-COWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B11:00-11:30HFT-6Fabian JausFabian Jaus
388Evolving Spacecraft Quantum On-Call SchedulingOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A13:30-14:00PS-4Sven PrueferSven Pruefer
389Development of an Optical Ground Network for Direct-to-Earth Data Repatriation Service OTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A16:30-17:00CAN-5Hanna SundbergPetrus Hyvonen
390An acceleration study of a DTN implementation using a System-on-a-chipOMonday, 6th March 2023Ajman A16:00-16:30CAN-2YU MORINAGAYU MORINAGA
393Analysis of Transfer Orbit and Lunar Landing for LEAD MissionOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B17:30-18:00MDM-5Junji KikuchiJunji Kikuchi
394Satellite Operation in Special Space WeatherOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D15:00-15:30FE-4Cheng-Yung HuangCheng-Yung Huang
395Mission Concept, Analysis, and In-orbit testing of DEWASAT-1 OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B11:30-12:00MDM-3Sidi Ahmed BenDoukhaSidi Ahmed BenDoukha
396Reconfigurable satellite constellations: optimal design and maneuveringOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B11:00-11:30MDM-6Federica Paganelli AzzaFederica Paganelli Azza
397Seasonal Variation of the GNSS Ionospheric Delay Observed Over the UAEOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D11:00-11:30GNC-3Abdollah Masoud DaryaAbdollah Masoud Darya
399Knowledge Transfer In Space OperationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B15:00-15:30HFT-4Yvonne Kedibone MbuyisaYvonne Kedibone Mbuyisa
401Looking Back at 8 Years of Operating ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission: Challenges and Lessons LearnedOMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D15:00-15:30FE-1Bijoy Kumar DaiBijoy Kumar Dai
402Preparing for sustainable satellite operations using ESA’s Debris Mitigation Facility (DMF)OFriday, 10th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum C10:30-11:00SSU-6Jonas RadtkeJonas Radtke
403Attitude Control on TET-1 and BIROS - Experiences from the FireBird Mission and End of Life OperationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D16:30-17:00GNC-2Lukas HoffmannLukas Hoffmann
404Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter Operations: Challenges & LearningsOMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D13:30-14:00FE-1debashishpaulM V Roopa
405Test operations on the Upper Liquid Propulsion Module (ULPM) of the new European launcher Ariane 6 on the upper stage test facility P5.2OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D16:00-16:30STO-2Peter Lutz (DLR)Peter Lutz (DLR)
406Assessment of Mental Stress on Analog Astronauts’ during Isolation and ConfinementOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai E + F11:00-11:30HSO-4Hasan Al-NashashFares Al-Shargie
412Innovative data processing for push-frames technology from iSIM sensor OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B16:00-16:30DM-1Sarah LuiseManuel Montesino
413Hybrid Propulsion System for Space TugsOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D17:00-17:30STO-2Berke ÖznalbantBerke Öznalbant
414Innovative web-based technologies for the next generation of Flight Dynamics SystemsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D15:00-15:30GNC-1Mirco RasottoMirco Rasotto
415Challenges in Operations Preparations when transitioning to EGS-CC based systemsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C17:30-18:00OC-8Wolfgang HeinenAlastair Pidgeon
416Using commercial off-the-shelf software defined radio equipment to simulate space link propagation effects for radio frequency compatibility testingOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A11:30-12:00CAN-3Klara Anneliese SpiekerAge-Raymond Riise
417Hera cubesats operations design around a binary asteroid for small bodies characterization and planetary defenseOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C11:00-11:30OC-6pamini ANNATpamini ANNAT
419SolSat: A Low-Cost 3-U CubeSat System for Space Weather applicationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B10:30-11:00MDM-3Yousuf FaroukhYousuf Faroukh
420Operational highlights from Canada’s flagship RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM)OTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D13:30-14:00FE-4Michel DoyonMichel Doyon
421Training for Everyone – The GSOC “Spacecraft Operations Course“OTuesday, 7th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:00-14:30HFT-4Michael Schmidhuber (DLR)Michael Schmidhuber (DLR)
423Operations approach for keeping the Mars Science Laboratory ChemCam instrument safe from sun exposureOMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D14:30-15:00FE-1Laurent PeretLaurent Peret
424Utilization of CubeSat nanosatellites as reference objects for evaluating the ballistic coefficients of low-altitude satellitesPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :1412:30-13:30GNC-424Igor BelokonovIgor Belokonov
426Explorative, Immersive Visualization of Space Weather PhenomenaOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B17:30-18:00SSU-2Riccardo FellegaraRiccardo Fellegara
430Key factors for an effective and successful LEOP SPACON crash trainingOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B11:30-12:00HFT-6Carla GarciaCarla Garcia
431Improving AI Monitoring of Early Life Satellites Using Transfer LearningOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F14:30-15:00AI-1Audric BaronAudric Baron
432Integration of Multi-Mission Services into Operations – The Appeal and RealityOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D13:30-14:00GSE-4Victor Sierra UruenaVictor Sierra Uruena
433Advancing Operations for Lunar Surface Exploration and Prospecting with Mission Control SoftwareOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D14:00-14:30GSE-1Matt CrossRohaan Ahmed
434Ten Billion Transfers per Day and How to Follow Them – The Evolution of the System Monitoring and Reporting ToolsOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai A + B13:30-14:00DM-3Victor Sierra UruenaVictor Sierra Uruena
435Multipurpose S, X & Ka Band TT&C Antenna System for MEO, GEO and Lunar CommunicationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A15:00-15:30CAN-7Andrea CalleriMatthias Reichert
436Integrated Framework for Software Testing and Verification based on Open Source SoftwareOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D14:30-15:00GSE-4Ruediger GadRuediger Gad
437The smart and open Earth Observation ground segment : towards an architecture with public standard interfacesOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D11:00-11:30GSE-3Daniel NovakDaniel Novak
439Impact of remote working on the processes and methodology of Training and Simulations at the Galileo Control CentreOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B10:30-11:00HFT-6Jasmina BrajovicJasmina Brajovic
441Towards Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality for Spacecraft Mission Operations at ESOCOMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:00-14:30HFT-1Ruediger GadRuediger Gad
442Introducing Operational Diagnosis Models for Ground Station Architectures using Behaviour TreesOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D11:00-11:30GSE-6Nikolena ChristofiNikolena Christofi
443InnoCube CONOPS - Concept of operations to demonstrate payloads within a wireless small satellite busOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C10:30-11:00OC-3Benjamin GrzesikBenjamin Grzesik
444Bringing a Machine-Learning Based Novelty Detection Software Tool from Research to ProductionOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F13:30-14:00AI-7Clemens SchefelsClemens Schefels
446A control centre’s journey to its first successful Galileo LEOPOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D17:30-18:00FE-5Sebastian Villamil Sebastian Villamil
448Aircraft Detection for Safe Optical Ground Station OperationOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C12:00-12:30OC-3Andrea Di MiraAndrea Di Mira
449Capturing the Moon with Copernicus Sentinel-2OWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C14:00-14:30OC-7Pablo Rodriguez LlorcaPablo Rodriguez Llorca
450 ICE Cubes Media Set - Adding new capabilities to the ISS by enabling user friendly live outreach and media events during the commercial Axiom-1 missionOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C14:00-14:30CSO-2Saliha KlaiLode Pieters
451ESA’s DSA New Norcia 3: Geographical considerations for the site selection of a new deep space ground station antennaOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A10:30-11:00CAN-9Francisco PimentaLuca Milani
453Autonomous uLtrasound Image improvement SyStEm (ALISSE) for guiding astronauts to take clinically valuable images in future long manned space missionsOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai E + F11:30-12:00HSO-4David MirautCarlos Illana
454Validation and Demonstration of Disruption Tolerant Networking Technologies in ESA Ground SegmentOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A14:00-14:30CAN-4Camillo MalnatiCamillo Malnati
455 The Implications of a State Classifying the Electromagnetic Spectrum as a Space Resource Rather than a Global Commons in connection with Space VenturesOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B16:30-17:00MDM-8George Anthony LongGeorge Anthony Long
456Towards Generic Planning of Optical LinksOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A14:30-15:00PS-4Anna FuerbacherMatthias Dauth
457BepiColombo on its journey across the inner solar systemOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D14:30-15:00FE-4Ignacio ClerigoIgnacio Clerigo
458Services for Spacecraft Operations support within the ESA Space Weather Service NetworkOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:30-15:00SSU-1Michel KruglanskiMichel Kruglanski
459Hardware-Based Isolation for Advanced Safety and Security in SpacecraftOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C13:30-14:00OC-4David KoisserPatrick Jauernig
461The European Offshore Spaceport for Microlaunchers - GOSAOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai D14:00-14:30STO-4Andreas StammingerAndreas Stamminger
462A Standard Atmospheric Model with constant lapse rates for TitanOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B17:00-17:30MDM-5Abishek GirishSuchithra Selladurai
464A Modern Approach to Visualize Structured and Unstructured Space Missions DataOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F16:30-17:00AI-2Agnese Del MoroAgnese Del Moro
465Operation Plan and Result of CubeSat Lunar Lander OMOTENASHIOMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D16:00-16:30FE-2Ryo HirasawaRyo Hirasawa
466Relocation of the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) on the International Space StationOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F14:00-14:30HSO-2Julien DufeyCarla Jacobs
467A New Future for Archive Interoperability and PreservationOFriday, 10th March 2023Sharjah D14:00-14:30CSIS-2Mike KearneyMike Kearney
469Trusted Autonomous Distributed Satellite System Operations for Earth ObservationPWednesday, 8th March 2023Screen :912:30-13:30AI-469Kathiravan ThangavelKhaja Faisal Hussain
470Agile Design and Development of the Mission Operations Segment for HiVE Constellation of MicrosatellitesOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D14:00-14:30GSE-7Mahsa TaheranMahsa Taheran
475On-board Guidance and Control for low-thrust orbit transfers using Deep Reinforcement LearningOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai E + F15:00-15:30AI-1Luca RomanelliLuca Romanelli
476Operational concepts and design of mitigation actions for collision avoidanceOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B11:30-12:00SSU-3Pau GagoJack McHugh
477Management of Multi-Customer Operations In-OrbitOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C15:00-15:30OC-10Theodora Varelidi StratiHana Bird
479Development of Automation tools for In-Orbit OperationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C16:30-17:00OC-8Theodora Varelidi StratiTheodora Varelidi Strati
480Unsupervised Hierarchical Planning for Geostationary Satellite MissionsOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A12:00-12:30PS-3Michael SchmeingMichael Schmeing
481New Safe Mode for the INTEGRAL MissionOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D11:00-11:30FE-3Greta De MarcoGreta De Marco
483A New Age for Data Exploitation in Science and Mission Operations OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B17:00-17:30DM-1Vicente NavarroVicente Navarro
484Weather forecast based satellite operations at ESAOMonday, 6th March 2023Ajman A13:30-14:00CAN-1Maria MontagnaMarco Lanucara
489ESA Tracking Network (ESTRACK) Evolution - Status and VisionPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :212:30-13:30CAN-489Guillermo Lorenzo Ten
490Reducing Data Latency with Inter-Satellite Links in LEO Constellations: Trade-off Analysis and Impact on Concept of OperationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C11:30-12:00OC-3Ulrich KlinUlrich Klin
491Mission design of SolSat CubeSatOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B16:00-16:30MDM-5Fatima AlketbiAmel Alhammadi
494Experience on operations of Radio Science experiments for interplanetary missionsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C17:00-17:30OC-5Jose VillalvillaJavier De Vicente
495Delta-DOR with multiple spacecraftOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C13:30-14:00OC-7Marco MenapaceJavier de Vicente
496Evolution of Canadian Conjunction Analysis Capabilities and ServicesOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B12:00-12:30SSU-3Viqar AbbasiViqar Abbasi
497PintaOnWeb - The Front End of GSOC's Next Generation Mission Planning SystemsOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A16:00-16:30PS-2Armin WiebigkeArmin Wiebigke
498Canada’s NEOSSat space telescope: Ten years of resilience and innovationOFriday, 10th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum C13:30-14:00FE-7Viqar AbbasiViqar Abbasi
499ESA Space Rider: Payload end to end operations of the European multi-purpose transportation and in orbit servicing systemOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D14:30-15:00STO-1fabio caramellifabio caramelli
501FOLLOWING A FAST CHANGING WORLD OF SPACE OPERATIONS: A CENTER READY TO SUPPORT THE RETURN TO THE MOONOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D17:00-17:30GSE-8Cesare Capararo (altecspace)Rosa Sapone
504UTISS3: the ISS Utilization service provided by ALTEC for ASI’s “Minerva” mission and future payloadsOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F11:00-11:30HSO-1Rosa SaponeRosa Sapone
507AI4CE - Closing the design-operation-loop: design, operate, learn, repeatOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B13:30-14:00MDM-4Jan-Peter CeglarekJan-Peter Ceglarek
509Spacecraft Operations: Working in an Unsecure WorldOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C14:00-14:30OC-4Mark LovedayMark Loveday
511FROM ISS EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONAL TRAINING TO PRIVATE ASTRONAUTS TRAINING SERVICES.OFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C14:30-15:00CSO-2Cesare Capararo (altecspace)Cesare Capararo (altecspace)
515Autonomous tracking of Resident Space Objects using multiple ground-based Electro-Optical sensorsOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C11:30-12:00CSO-1Khaja Faisal HussainKhaja Faisal Hussain
516The Compasso Mission: Operational Strategies for Validating Optical Technologies On-Board the ISSOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F14:30-15:00HSO-2Matthias DauthMatthias Dauth
517Automated Planning and Scheduling System for a Heterogeneous Spacecraft ConstellationOFriday, 10th March 2023Ajman A15:00-15:30PS-4Remy DerollezRemy Derollez
519Assembly of Space Based Solar Power Satellite using Space RoboticsOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B12:00-12:30MDM-9Sejal JainSejal Jain
521Thermal Protection and Gamma Ray shielding on a 60kg Lunar RoverPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :1312:30-13:30SSU-521Farah YoussefFarah Youssef
522To Know the Present, Understand the Past: Automated Historical Context for Monitoring Spacecraft CommunicationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C11:30-12:00OC-6Rishi VermaRishi Verma
524Legal instruments supporting sustainable development of space explorationOFriday, 10th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum C11:30-12:00SSU-6Kaja HopejKatarzyna Malinowska
525Design, Implementation and Testing of Operational Modes in ADCS of a CubeSatPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :1212:30-13:30GNC-525Abdulrahman Gamil Sulaiman
527Designing a Commercial Mission Operations Center for RPOD MissionsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D11:30-12:00GSE-3Ethan spessertEthan spessert
530A flexible and robust framework for the secure systems engineering of space missionsOFriday, 10th March 2023Sharjah D12:00-12:30CSIS-1Tom LeclercTom Leclerc
532Human factors and Behavior in OperationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B13:30-14:00HFT-4NTEBOHENG PATIENCE MOLEFENTEBOHENG PATIENCE MOLEFE
533Validation approach for the CNES Autonomous Navigation solution accommodated on the ExoMars rover OThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D15:00-15:30GNC-4delpech michelIrene Valenzuela Molina
534Astropoint - Raising the Astronomical Spirits of InnovationOMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B17:00-17:30HFT-2Farah YoussefFarah Youssef
535OHB Flexible Mission Control: Multi mission control centerOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D14:30-15:00GSE-7Alan MoorhouseAlan Moorhouse
536Human and Robotic Exploration Data BaseOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A15:00-15:30PS-1Mathieu SchmittMathieu Schmitt
537NASA’s Communications and Navigation Architecture Plans to Support the Return to the Moon and a Sustainable Lunar PresenceOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A11:00-11:30CAN-3Erica WeirGregory W. Heckler
539Building a modern NOC for ground segment OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C15:00-15:30OC-4Thomas WegenerPer Gustav Porsanger (KSAT)
540Operating Deep Space Autonomous Spacecraft: Ground Processes and Tools for Operability and TrustOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C16:00-16:30OC-8Rebecca CastanoRebecca Castano
541Improving operational efficiency for the SuperCam instrument on board the Perseverance rover to support a shortened operation timeline.OTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D16:00-16:30FE-5Magali MannMagali Mann
544NASA’s Efforts to Commercialize Communications Services for Missions in Near-Earth SpaceOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A16:00-16:30CAN-8Erica WeirGregory W. Heckler
545Modified mission planning schemes for the aging CYGNSS mission with expanding scientific pursuits during high beta angle seasonsOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A17:30-18:00PS-2Amanda AlexanderAmanda Alexander
548Spacelink configuration and mission operations with the new ESA link budget toolOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A14:30-15:00CAN-7Maria MontagnaStefano Finocchiaro
549Orbit Decentralized Autonomous Organization Using Blockchain Based Consensus MechanismPFriday, 10th March 2023Screen :1112:30-13:30SSU-549Red BoumgharRed Boumghar
550FSS and the challenges of operating a seismometer on the far side of the MoonOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C16:30-17:00OC-5Charles YanaCharles Yana
552Deeply Understanding Space WeatherOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F12:00-12:30AI-6Mathieu SchmittMatthieu Melcot
553GSOC’s Service Oriented Ground System “HCC” - Status and First Experiences From Sounding Rocket MissionsOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai D15:00-15:30STO-1Armin HaukeArmin Hauke
555The International Planetary Sunshade System - An Umbrella Project Combining Sustainable Energy Supply with Mitigation of Global WarmingOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B14:00-14:30MDM-1Tharshan MaheswaranTharshan Maheswaran
556Orbital Reef: Redefining Commercial Space Station OperationsOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai E + F12:00-12:30HSO-4Todd MosherTodd Mosher
557NASA’s Space Communication and Navigation Program’s Architecture for Data Delivery via Cloud ServicesOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A11:00-11:30CAN-9Philip BaldwinPhilip Baldwin
558NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) Lunar Exploration Upgrades (DLEU)OTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A14:30-15:00CAN-4Philip BaldwinPhilip Baldwin
561Toward Flexible and Powerful Scheduling Rule Setup using CodeDOM for .NET FrameworkPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1712:30-13:30PS-561Soojeon LeeSoojeon Lee
562Analysis and Simulation of Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem of a 3U CubeSat: AlainSat-1PTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :512:30-13:30GNC-562Mohammed AtallahMohammed Atallah
563What is it like to operate the James Webb Space Telescope?OMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D14:00-14:30FE-1David HunterDavid Hunter
564Fully automated cloud based science data processing for Emirates Mars MissionOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B17:30-18:00DM-1Omran Al HammadiOmran Al Hammadi
565Science off the Earth: An integrated approach to science operations in the Artemis Era and beyondOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C17:30-18:00OC-5Ian HowleyIan Howley
567Mission Design & Operations Approach for the HelioSwarm Mission OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai A + B11:00-11:30MDM-9Matthew D'OrtenzioMatthew D'Ortenzio
569Securing and improving SEIS and APSS instruments operations with internal dedicated toolsOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D14:30-15:00GSE-1Emilien GaudinEmilien Gaudin
572Space Weather Environment During the SpaceX Starlink Satellite Loss in February 2022OWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B13:30-14:00SSU-1Tzu-Wei FangTzu-Wei Fang
580UHF communications with CubeL: the path to nominal operationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A11:30-12:00CAN-6Pierre-Alexis LagadrillierePierre-Alexis Lagadrilliere
582Psyche Mission’s End-to-End Information System Verification & Validation: Planning, Execution, and Lessons LearnedOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A12:00-12:30CAN-3Richa SirohiRicha Sirohi
583A Demand Access System for Deep Space OperationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A10:30-11:00CAN-3Marc Sanchez NetJoseph Lazio
584NASA Deep Space Network Preparations for the Artemis II Crewed Mission to the MoonOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F17:30-18:00HSO-3Kathleen HarmonKathleen Harmon
585The Operational Challenges of the Multiscale Boiling Investigation on the International Space Station.OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F12:00-12:30HSO-1Denis Van HoofCarla Jacobs
586TT&C over S-band with CubeL: finding a middle way between CSP, CCSDS and ECSSOThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C14:00-14:30OC-10Mr. Tobias BrueggeMr. Tobias Bruegge
587Blockchain meets space, space meets blockchainOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai A + B14:00-14:30DM-3Juan Carlos GilAlvaro Labajos
596The Swarm Constellation: two critical milestones. The exploitation of the counter-rotating orbits and the orbit raise campaign to fight Solar Cycle 25OTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D16:30-17:00FE-5Giuseppe AlbiniGiuseppe Albini
597Introducing Artificial Intelligence to end-to-end service-oriented SATCOM systemsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F16:00-16:30AI-8Leticia AlonsoAlvaro Labajos
598Use of MBSA model for ensuring mission continuity OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai C12:00-12:30OC-9Vincent CasanovasVincent Casanovas
600Augmented and Virtual Reality for Ground Station and Telescope Maintenance at ESOCOMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B16:00-16:30HFT-2Nebras NassarNebras Nassar
604Oversubscribed Scheduling for NASA’s Deep Space Network: A Comparison of Optimization TechniquesOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A16:30-17:00PS-2Mark JohnstonMark Johnston
606The IOAG Working Group on Sustainability of Operations in Space (SOS WG): Findings and Recommendations in Spectrum OperationsOFriday, 10th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum C11:00-11:30SSU-6Fabio DAmico (ASI)Shinichi Nakamura (JAXA)
607OPS-SAT-2: An ESA in-orbit laboratory for optical and quantum Ground-Space experimentationOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai C17:00-17:30OC-8David EvansDavid Evans
608An Agile Mind-set for Mission Operations in Commercial SpaceOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai C15:00-15:30CSO-2Edoardo CocciEdoardo Cocci
611LunaNet Governance: Organizing and Planning for LunaNet Operations OWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A11:00-11:30CAN-6Jim SchierJim Schier
612The CDO and the SETTERS - Key elements of modernisation of Guiana Space CentreOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai D14:30-15:00STO-4Jean-Noel HourcastagnouJean-Noel Hourcastagnou
613Deep Space Station 17: A University-Operated Affiliated Node on the NASA Deep Space Network and the Lunar Tracking NetworkOTuesday, 7th March 2023Ajman A17:00-17:30CAN-5Benjamin MalphrusBenjamin Malphrus
615Applying DevOps strategies to Monitoring and Control IV&V activities – practical results from Meteosat Third GenerationOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D15:00-15:30GSE-4Jose FeiteirinhaJose Feiteirinha
616SRASO: Using Space Weather Information for Spacecraft Operations Made EasyPTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :412:30-13:30SSU-616Martin TykalMartin Tykal
617Towards Solar Maximum: Increasing Space Weather Activity and ESA's Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft OperationsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:00-14:30SSU-1Alexi Glover(ESA)Alexi Glover(ESA)
619HP3 - Experiment on InSIght Mission - Wrap-up Operations on MarsOMonday, 6th March 2023Sharjah D17:30-18:00FE-2Christian KrauseChristian Krause
620The Joint Polar Satellite System: Celebrating a Decade of Successful Operations and Preparing for JPSS-2 LaunchOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B14:30-15:00MDM-7Satya KalluriSatya Kalluri
621Space mission security monitoring at the ESA Cyber Safety and Security Operational Centre (C-SOC)OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai C14:30-15:00OC-4Marc NiezetteMarc Niezette
622Towards an AI-enhanced robotic Digital Twin for space exploration assetsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai E + F11:30-12:00AI-6Evridiki NtagiouEvridiki Ntagiou
632Development of a Hybrid Ground and Space Communications Network for LEO SatellitesOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A11:30-12:00CAN-9Brian ChandlerJonathan Maier
633Innovative Multicarrier Broadband Waveforms Classification Using Machine Learning for Future GNSS ApplicationsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai E + F14:00-14:30AI-4CHARLES LEECHARLES LEE
634VIPER Lunar Rover Agile Mission SystemsOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai A + B17:30-18:00MDM-2Jay TrimbleJay Trimble
635On the Design of a Modular Plug-and-Play Satellite Communication SystemOThursday, 9th March 2023Ajman A12:00-12:30CAN-9Mariam Al DarmakiMariam Al Darmaki
637Design and Implementation of Attitude Control System for GNSSaS6U CubeSat SatellitePTuesday, 7th March 2023Screen :1312:30-13:30GNC-637Anoud Nasser AlkatheeriAnoud Nasser Alkatheeri
640Science and Education Portfolio for UAE Long-duration Astronaut Mission 2023OThursday, 9th March 2023Dubai E + F15:00-15:30HSO-2Eman AltunaijiFatma Lootah
641Operations Development on ESA's Plato and Ariel Exoplanet MissionsOTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai A + B14:30-15:00MDM-4David MilliganDavid Milligan
642Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem TestbedOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sharjah D17:30-18:00GNC-2Eiman Alnaqbi (UAEU)Hessa Alkaabi (UAEU)
643Dramaturgy is everything - Psychology of great trainingsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B12:00-12:30HFT-6Klaus NoetzelKlaus Noetzel
647The Greek National Earth Observation ProgramOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B10:30-11:00MDM-6Ioannis DaglisIoannis Daglis
648Development of mission control centres for the 21st CenturyOMonday, 6th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B14:30-15:00HFT-1Joerg SchmittrothJoerg Schmittroth
649The Prototype SafeSpace Service of Advanced Prediction of the Outer Van Allen Belt DynamicsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B16:00-16:30SSU-2Ioannis DaglisIoannis Daglis
650Establishing a Spacecraft Anomaly Database for Correlation with Space Weather EffectsOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B16:30-17:00SSU-2Andrew Monham (Eumetsat)Andrew Monham (Eumetsat)
652ESA's Space Weather Monitoring SystemOWednesday, 8th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B17:00-17:30SSU-2Melanie HeilAlexi Glover(ESA)
655Development and usage of the GODOT astrodynamics software at Telespazio GermanyOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D14:00-14:30GNC-4Francesco CastelliniFrancesco Castellini
656Video That's Out of This World: A Snapshot of Video Distribution from Across the Solar SystemOFriday, 10th March 2023Dubai A + B11:00-11:30DM-2Jennifer ChristopherJennifer Christopher
667Deployment and activation of the new Voice Communication System (VCS) in ESTRACK stations as part of ESA Harmonization project for Ground Stations.OTuesday, 7th March 2023Dubai D12:00-12:30GSE-3DONATO LOSPALLUTODONATO LOSPALLUTO
668ExoMars TGO Archive Interface – Table and Map InteroparabilityPThursday, 9th March 2023Screen :412:30-13:30DM-668Oleg BatanovOleg Batanov
670GNSS-Multicarrier-Broadband-Waveform Satellite System EmulatorOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D12:00-12:30GNC-3CHARLES LEECHARLES LEE
671Development of a Ground Multi-Mission Low-Cost Optical Terminal (LCOT) for Free-Space Optical CommunicationsOMonday, 6th March 2023Ajman A14:00-14:30CAN-1Haleh SafaviNikki Desch
673NASA Delay Tolerant Networks: Operational, Evolving, and Ready for ExpansionOWednesday, 8th March 2023Ajman A12:00-12:30CAN-6Ivica RistovskiIvica Ristovski
675Spacecraft Safety Made Stronger: Taking the Space Data Center to the Next LevelOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B16:30-17:00SSU-5Daniel L. OltroggeDaniel L. Oltrogge
679Data Systems and Infrastructure of the ESA Space Safety programme – latest developments, overview, and outlookOWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai D15:00-15:30GSE-7Dominik MarszkDominik Marszk
683The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Journey to Mars – COVID-19 Impacts Challenges and OpportunitiesOTuesday, 7th March 2023Sharjah D11:30-12:00FE-3Sean RyanSean Ryan
684Efficient Solution for Thrust Distribution of Simultaneous Forces and TorquesOThursday, 9th March 2023Sharjah D14:30-15:00GNC-4Mar Cols-MargenetMar Cols-Margenet
688Operational Flexibility and Asset Retasking Enabled by In-Space Refueling OWednesday, 8th March 2023Dubai A + B15:00-15:30MDM-7Zachary BurkhardtZachary Burkhardt
691A Bistatic Multi Spacecraft per Aperture UHF Ground StationOMonday, 6th March 2023Dubai D17:00-17:30GSE-2Robin McNeillRobin McNeill
695Integrating Space Weather into Satellite Operations:Necessity or Dead EndOThursday, 9th March 2023Sheikh Maktoum B10:30-11:00SSU-3Dominique MonteroDominique Montero