All award nominations must be submitted on the SpaceOps nomination form, which can be downloaded from the links on the left for each specific award (LAM, AOA, DSM and EAM). The nominator must sign and date the form.

A summary of the nominee’s accomplishments/achievements which justifies the nomination must accompany the nomination form. Extensive resumes are not suggested. Additional pages may be used to provide the nominee’s professional record, education, publications, honors, etc. The supporting material should not exceed ten (10) pages excluding the nomination form and reference letters.

Nominations involving a team of individuals may be submitted when permitted by the scope of the award. In this case, a summary of the team’s accomplishments/achievements that supports and justifies the nomination, a roster of team members/contact information and identification of the team leader must accompany the nomination form.

For all nominations, at least three letters of endorsement must be submitted to support the nomination. Letters of endorsement must be signed and may be sent directly to the SpaceOps Secretariat or accompany the nomination form; however, they must reach the SpaceOps Secretariat on or prior to the deadline date.

It is the nominator’s responsibility to contact potential references prior to submitting the nomination form to SpaceOps Secretariat. The nominator may not serve as a reference.

When submitting a nomination, please be certain to furnish all relevant information. The submitted material is the total case that will be presented to the appropriate selection committee.